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Photographs and Observation Diary © 2014–2020 by Oleg Klimov, Moscow

Historical photographs taken specially for Anton Chekhov’s book Sakhalin Island © 1890–1891 by Innokenty Pavlovsky and Alexander Shcherbak, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.
and State Literary Museum, Moscow

Downsides of an Empire © 2022 by Hubert Smeets, Amsterdam
Why and How Anton Chekhov Went to Sakhalin © 2020 by Donald Rayfield, London

The First European on Sakhalin Island © 2020 by René Attema, Harlingen

Translation from Dutch by Martin Cleaver, Amsterdam
Translation from Russian by Olga Afanasieva, Kazan
Russian text editor: Alexandra Mankova, Sakhalin island

Dutch text editor: Hubert Smeets, Amsterdam
English text editor: Martin Cleaver, Amsterdam
Color separation: Vladimir Semenkov, Moscow
Page-proofs: Anastasiya Bruni, Moscow

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Sakhalin and the Kurils - terra incognita of a brutal Russian Empire