A journey may begin with ignorance but always ends with knowledge. I am truly grateful to all the people who helped me and had faith in the success of this laborious project that has taken several years. They were different people, some of opposing views and beliefs, but they all have contributed to my fascinating tour of the islands in search of knowledge solely obtainable through face-to-face communication and personal experience.

Oleg Klimov, photographer, Moscow

Simon Kool, picture editor, Amsterdam
Sergey Krasnoukhov, photographer, Sakhalin island
Alexander Gaivoron, photographer, Sakhalin island
Lubov Barabashova, journalist, Sakhalin island
Ludmila Shapka, Gidrostroi company, Sakhalin island
Alexander Verkhovsky, former senator, Sakhalin island
Alexander Khoroshavin, former governor of Sakhalin region
Anna Zhuk, director of Chekhov’s books museum, Sakhalin island
Alexander Zarchikov, film director, Sakhalin island
Viacheslav Kozlov, director of Boomerang Club, Sakhalin island
Artiom Khan, editor, Sakhalin island
Yulia and Pavel, a family, Iturup island, the Shikotan island

Alexander Peshkov (†), captain, and his crew of Captain Lapkin seiner:
Roman, leading seaman, Shikotan island
Andrei, trawl net operator, Shikotan island
Victor, boatswain, Shikotan island
Alexei, leading seaman, Shikotan island
Oleg, leading seaman, Shikotan island

Mikhail Pak (†), head of fishing at Aborigen company, Sakhalin island
Alexei Agranovich, director of On The Edge film festival, Moscow
Irina Meglinskaia, photo editor, Moscow
Kirill Preobrazhenski, artist, Moscow
Sergei Medvedchikov, photographer, Tomsk
Olga Krasnikova, Doctor of Historical Sciences, St.Petersburg

In the End

Sakhalin and the Kurils - terra incognita of a brutal Russian Empire